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Useful information About Villa Rosa, Fiskardo and Kefalonia

Map/Places of Interest

Kefalonia Weather

Spring in Kefalonia sees temperatures of between 15C and 18C, with relatively dry days and around 7 or 8 hours of daily sunshine. Swimming in the sea is possible, and the pleasant weather during these months is ideal for sightseeing and walking holidays. June and July sees the temperatures rising to 23C - 26C, and frequently reaching 30C. With no rain and the sun shining for up to 12 hours a day, the weather during the summer season is very reliable, making the island the perfect spot for a beach holiday. Temperatures remain high during the summer, as the island sees little winds to temper the heat. The autumn months bring greater chance of rain, although the weather remains warm and the sun still shines 7 to 9 hours a day. Temperatures drop to 22C in September and 18C in October, and the climate is much more comfortable.



There are a lot of beaches around the locality, some can be reached by walking/local paths.  Others might require a short car journey.  In order of distance from Villa Rosa :-

  • Focki Beach

  • Emblisi Beach

  • Dafnoudi

  • Alaties

  • Aghia Jerusalem

  • Myrtos

  • Argostolli and Lassi (close to the airport)

  • Further South - Skala, Poros, Lourdas, Anti-Samos

  • More information about the beaches can be found here or here

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